Biostorage Solutions
Specimen Biorepository and Tissue Bank

Driven by customer demand to meet the challenges associated with specimen management...

ProMedDx has created one of the industry’s most secure, cost-efficient, and state-of-the-art specimen and tissue banks for the storage of biological specimens.

Strategically located between Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island, our on-site facility offers uncompromised Safety & Security. Best-in-class Technology runs our BioStorage facility and our centralized Logistics procedures have set new industry standards in packaging and shipping.

Besides freeing up space at their own sites, ProMedDx clients are assured of 24/7 protection, proper storage and handling, accurate processing, shipping and tracking, flexible customizable data management, and easy, real-time access to biorepository samples. We are gratified by the confidence our clients have placed in us: BioStorage has become our fastest growth area and a highly desirable complement to our other divisions, Specimen Bank and Clinical Services.

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99.97 % of our US shipments are delivered to our customers in less than 24 hours.