Human biologics such as blood, plasma, urine, and tissue specimens possess crucial clues that can unlock the mystery of disease and lead to life altering treatments.

As one of the most respected suppliers of human clinical specimens and patient samples, we are entrusted with a vital role in the advancement of medical research. ProMedDx is proud to further the scientific quest for discovery. That’s why we maintain an inventory of more than 1.8 million high quality healthy, and diseased human clinical specimens collected under IRB, ICH, and GCP guidelines and in adherence with HIPAA privacy regulations.

We understand the importance of the data contained in Correlation, Normal , Clinical, and Bulk specimens and the need for quick turnaround once a project has been green lighted. Our certified clinical research associates are on call to provide unparalleled support to our clients every step of the way.

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We used 256,480 lbs of Dry Ice packing our shipments in 2012.