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    Top 10 Tasks Biomarker Researchers Should Be Outsourcing

    Outsourcing Biomarker Research Tasks

    If you (or your research team) are spending too much time on tasks unrelated to actual research, consider my Top 10 list of research management tasks you can outsource to a bioservices organization.

    Over the last 18 years, I’ve witnessed firsthand how managing the non-scientific details of biomarker development—from enrollment strategies to assembling collection kits to building cold storage facilities—can be unnecessarily distracting to biomedical research teams. Often, researchers take on such tasks without realizing that they can easily outsource them and remain focused on their research. Here are the top 10 bioservices to consider outsourcing:

    1. Building and Distributing Study Kits
      If you’ve ever scrambled to assemble study kits, you know how time-consuming it can be. A reliable bioservices partner can provide sample collection kits that are customized to meet the protocols of your specific program and distribute them to your sites on-demand. Outsourcing this function can save hours or even days of lost time and needless complications.
    2. Providing Kit Training Materials for Study Staff
      Inconsistencies in the most basic details of research can impact the viability of your targeted biomarker and, ultimately, the quality of your research. Some of these details may include the order in which collection tubes are drawn, the handling times and temperatures, processing and storage.A good way to protect the quality of your study is to outsource for study-specific training materials that will educate site personnel on proper collection, labeling, and shipping methods. Having easy-to-reference instruction documents, detailed collection and processing logs, as well as proper training and monitoring can ensure the biospecimens you receive are as consistent as the research you are conducting.
    3. Defining Appropriate Cohort Profiles
      You know your research objectives, but you may not realize the availability or the accessibility of the intended patient cohort. A team of bioservice specialists who are experienced in the clinical diagnosis and treatment pathway of diseased and healthy cohorts can help you define the precise cohort. They may also suggest productive strategies to successfully approach and enroll subjects. Making decisions with the benefit of proven experience can help your team avoid pitfalls and eliminate potential bottlenecks in the research pipeline.
    4. Study Recruitment
      Research shows that 80 percent of all clinical trials fail to meet their enrollment goals. Nearly half of those are the result of poor site selection and ineffective recruitment techniques. Outsourcing to a bioservices company that is experienced in study recruitment can help ensure the progress of your research.
    5. Managing Regulatory Compliance
      Outsourcing the protocol and consent development ensures compliance with regulation and provides valuable insight to current focus points of Institutional Review Boards (IRB).By selecting an external partner with appropriate experience, you can prevent avoidable delays in the review process. Doing so can deliver significant savings while decreasing frustration.
    6. Collecting Biospecimens
      The right biomaterials for your specific research are not always readily available and can present a research-ending bottleneck. Whether it’s a specific disease or treatment status or the need for freshly collected cells and tissues, Outsourcing to a bioservices company that is directly connected to patients and caregivers can simplify this process—and your path to research success. Working with the right partner can also give you the confidence of knowing that proper collection procedures were followed and that the quality and integrity of your biospecimens remain intact.
    7. Providing Biostorage
      Many biopharmaceutical companies lack access to adequate facilities, resources, and expertise necessary to manage the variety of biospecimens and cell-lines that today’s research requires. Outsourcing to a qualified biostorage provider can ensure state-of-the-art technology, round-the-clock security, and the temperature-controlled environment necessary to protect invaluable biospecimens, while still giving your team full, on-demand access.
    8. Bioprocessing Services
      A bioservices partner can format your biologics to your exact specifications so that they easily integrate into your research and clinical studies. Some of the bioprocessing services that can be outsourced include reference testing, formatting, coding, and custom labeling, to name a few.
    9. Directing Biologistics
      Handling and distributing biospecimens throughout the discovery process can pose significant challenges. They must be stored under precise conditions, transported in a timely manner, consistently monitored, tracked and documented to ensure their integrity. Imagine the hours you could reallocate to hands-on research by outsourcing this process to trusted biologistics experts.
    10. Procuring Precision Biospecimens
      In response to the evolution towards Precision Medicine, the demand for translational research has risen. Research teams are requesting a higher pedigree biospecimen among greater competition on an already limited supply. Aligning your research program with an experienced procurement partner ensures your research teams have on-demand access to the critical biospecimens necessary to support their programs.

    At ProMedDx, we recently opened the doors to our first Clinical Collection Center. This new addition to our suite of innovative bioservices offers us the agility to collect and deliver precise biologics, fresh to your lab, to accelerate the pace of your biomedical research.

    Whether you outsource to us or to another trusted bioservices company, I think you’ll agree – speeding the pace of your research is our collective goal.

    Are there particular research tasks that are stalling your team’s progress? Email our Bioservices team directly or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Linked-in and tell us about your issue. We’ll offer our insight and possible solutions.

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