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    Freezers taking over your lab? It may be time to consider off-site biostorage

    Have you noticed that each year the importance of your research increases, yet available space in your research lab decreases? The culprit, your success! You see, the more research you do, the more biospecimens you gather – the more biomaterials you produce, the more freezers you need to store them.  Like an athlete sitting in a room full of trophies/medals, there comes a time to delegate history to a safe place, and create more functional space for your next success.  A secure off-site biostorage facility may be that safe space.


    Signs that it might be time to consider off-site biostorage:

    Rents are increasing, and available Lab Space is decreasing.

    In a recent report by the Boston Business Journal, laboratory space, in greater Boston averages $47.40 …in Cambridge it exceeds $51 /sq. ft.  At rates this expensive, you need to maximize your investment by making every square foot cost-effective. While very important, the storage of legacy specimens, mirror supplies, and reagents, are likely consuming expensive lab space better suited for current research. An economical off-site storage solution, will open up working lab space providing immediate on-site access to your time sensitive materials.

    Are your researchers Researching? … Or managing inventories of specimens?

    If you’re working in Finance, chances are your answer is “of course”.  If you’re managing a Lab, the likely answer is both.  Overcrowding of labs by Freezers – Refrigerators – and Files creates an operational maze…and increases the risk of misplaced or damaged research specimens.  In most labs, each lab tech must protect and manage their own research assets…resulting in operations that are both inefficient and unfamiliar to employees who are accustomed to operation according to protocol.  Organizing and protecting your research materials today and having them available tomorrow, is one of many the many benefits of an off-site biostorage partner.

    Are you being challenged to provide a range of storage conditions?

    Today’s precision research calls for precise-stable storage environments.  No single chamber can accommodate the range of temperature thresholds your research teams demand.  So while you are focused on maximizing the impact of each square foot of laboratory, you now have to account for additional capital expenditures to support your team’s research protocols (and the required monitoring, maintenance, and security procedures…and the very thing you cannot create, SPACE).

    The greatest of plans can easily be interrupted and redirected by a simple protocol revision, but it doesn’t have to result in full redesign of your lab.  Careful consideration and evaluation of off-site biostorage providers, can result in a real-time, cost effective partner for your short and long term temperature sensitive laboratory materials.

    Through outsourcing your storage needs you recapture valuable on-site lab space to expand your research, development and production.   Off-site storage provides you unlimited additional storage space, at a wide array of temperature thresholds, quickly, securely, and cost-effectively…enabling your researchers to research.

    ProMedDx’s continuously monitored biostorage facility securely manages clinical study samples, research biomaterials, master cell banks, drug compounds, production stock, and other medical products in precisely-controlled temperature chambers. Our proprietary 21CFR part 11 inventory and order management system, enables you to have your specimens in your lab when you need them. Same day or Next day. You can count on the efficiency, security, adaptability, and professionalism of ProMedDx BioStorage.

    Contact us today to learn how ProMedDx can help you take back control of your lab.

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