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    BioSpecimen Procurement

    Access to biological materials is a prerequisite for your medical research, drug development, or novel diagnostics. But when your research plan requires biospecimens that are unavailable, or the nature of the collection makes it impractical to replicate, it can interrupt – even stall – the progress of your scientific research.

    Our more than 20 years of experience designing and managing clinical trials, population-based biospecimen collections, and biobanking has connected ProMedDx with reputable clinical research organizations – and a bank of existing repositories of biospecimens – around the globe. Those connections open a world of unsurpassed biospecimen procurement that can remove the barriers to your continued research.

    ProMedDx biospecimen procurement services will connect you with the resources that support the research and clinical trials you need – from cell lines and FFPE tissue; to whole blood, serum, and plasma; to manufactured products.

    Reliable Connections

    The right biomaterials for your specific research are not always readily available, and in fact, can be extremely hard-to-find – for instance, serial collections of biospecimens from newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients through treatment and 5-year outcomes; a Seroconversion panel of a relatively unstudied virus; or a large cohort of patients treatment naive of modern western medicines.

    Once the required materials have been located, we further assist you by managing the many details involved in obtaining these materials for your research, streamlining their acquisition for you:

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    The Contact

    • Identification of key stakeholders
    • Communication in native language
    • Direct communication and activity logs

    Quality Evaluation

    • Collection detail
    • Processing and short term storage conditions
    • Long-term storage, monitoring, and maintenance of biospecimens
    • Clinical annotation
    • Regulatory determination (further consent requirements)
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    • Go/no-go checkpoints
    • Volume and data availability
    • Fair market value
    • Single price and tiered access points
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    • Development and documentation of the material transfer agreements required to gain access to the specimens
    • Native language
    • Legal review
    Testimonial Header Image

    "ProMedDx’s team support and Biorepository has allowed us to quickly troubleshoot, identify, and respond to client observed performance of our testing systems.”

    - Senior Quality Project Engineer, European-based global provider of Diagnostic Assays