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    Progress is defined as the process of improving or developing something over a period of time. In biomedical research, maintaining progress ensures that innovative discoveries make their way from the bench to the bedside.

    At ProMedDx, our primary focus is your progress.  Our suite of patient-centered research solutions enables you to navigate obstacles, enhance quality, and drive success in your research and clinical trials.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    solutions proven performance
    Proven Performance

    We leverage our experience, resources, infrastructure, and global connections to obtain the specimens you need.

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    Secure Storage

    Our strict protocols and monitoring capabilities in our storage environments ensure the long-term viability and integrity of each specimen.

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    Precise Processing

    Our bioprocessing services ensure that your collections remain available for the duration of your research.

    solutions guar delivery
    Guaranteed Delivery

    Our specialized handling and distribution methods ensure that viable specimens arrive intact and on-time.

    A Trusted Partner

    There’s nothing more critical to your research than your undivided focus. Want to accelerate your outcomes? Place the details of biospecimen management in our hands.

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    "ProMedDx’s team support and Biorepository has allowed us to quickly troubleshoot, identify, and respond to client observed performance of our testing systems.”

    - Senior Quality Project Engineer, European-based global provider of Diagnostic Assays