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    We are proud of our collaborations which have resulted in publication.
    Below are examples of client publications which reference ProMedDx biospecimens and clinical services:

    Improved Sensitivity of an Acid Sphingomyelinase Activity Assay Using a C6:0 Sphingomyelin Substrate

    Genzyme Corporation, a Sanofi Company2015MOLECULAR GENETICS AND METABOLISM REPORTS
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    Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients Differ Significantly in Their Serum Thymidine Kinase 1 (TK1) Specific Activities Compared with Those Hematological Malignancies and Blood Donors: Implications of Using Serum TK1 as a Biomarker

    Department of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Center, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden2015BMC CANCER: BIOMED CENTRAL
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    Competition Between Serum IgG, IgM, and IgA Anti-Glycan Antibodies

    Chemical Laboratory, National Cancer Institute, NIH, MD2015PLOS ONE
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    Quantitative Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay for the Chemokine RANTES and its Variants

    The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University2015JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS
    Read More

    Noncompetitive Immunoassay Detection System for Haptens on the Basis of Antimetatype Antibodies

    Biotechnology Research Group, Fundamental Research Department, Tokyo, Japan201544. CLINICAL CHEMISTRY: ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM
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    Effect of Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Exacerbations of Systemic Inflammation

    Department of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado School of Medicine2015AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY (ATS JOURNALS)
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    Plasma and Serum Lipodomics of Healthy White Adults Shows Characteristic Profiles by Subjects’ Gender and Age

    Division of Medicinal Safety and Science and Disease Metabolome Project… Setagaya2014PLOS ONE
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    "ProMedDx’s team support and Biorepository has allowed us to quickly troubleshoot, identify, and respond to client observed performance of our testing systems.”

    - Senior Quality Project Engineer, European-based global provider of Diagnostic Assays