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    Our Company

    We are on the verge of a revolution in healthcare. Advancements in technology, science, and medical research are converging to drive a deeper understanding of triggers for disease – as well as factors that preserve health. The results are diagnoses and treatments that are more individualized, more targeted, more preventive, and more precise.

    As a life science contract research organization (CRO), ProMedDx delivers the human biologics, the supporting clinical services, and the critical infrastructure that fuel scientific researchers in their discovery of novel biomarkers and commercialization in this era of precision medicine.

    Our patient-centered approach ensures our clients’ priorities are served in the most efficient and quality focused manner available. As healthcare evolves toward a more patient-centric environment, our direct-to-patient connection holds greater promise and value to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, and clinical research organizations worldwide.

    In May 2019, ProMedDx was acquired by Precision for Medicine, part of Precision Medicine Group. In joining Precision, ProMedDx is teaming up to strategically alter the course, pace, and quality of research – providing an unrivaled level of scientific understanding, high-quality specimens, and global scale. To learn more about our expanded capabilities, please visit: precisionbiospecimens.com

    Our History

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    ProMedDx was founded in 1998 as the world’s first commercial biobank built entirely upon patient biospecimens collected under Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved protocols. Our vision: to become a research-ready resource of biospecimens and specialty services that would enhance biomedical research – and accelerate the timeline to transform those discoveries into marketable products.

    As pioneers of the commercial biobanking industry, we embraced the responsibility that came with disrupting the traditional specimen-to-researcher journey. We participated in the development of forthcoming regulatory guidance, encouraged best practice methods for standardized collection and processing of biospecimens, and employed state-of-the-art methods for accountability of anonymized data and biostorage.

    Today, our unique expertise in global biospecimen management, innovative approaches to patient identification and recruitment, loyal client base, global network, and outcomes-driven perspective continue to fuel our momentum as an industry leader – and position us to support the research that is driving the promise of precision medicine.

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    Our Clients

    ProMedDx services promote the quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics, and clinical research performed by our clients in commercial, academic, and non-profit research organizations worldwide.

    Our clinically annotated biospecimens and related services include: patient recruitment, prospective specimen collection, biospecimen procurement, bioprocessing, biostorage, The BioRepository, study kits, and clinical study monitoring.

    Our Partners

    Delivering biospecimen solutions begins with the patients and their care providers. The shared commitment to one another towards managing – and in many cases, eradicating their conditions – is based upon trust, vision, and a willingness to reach beyond traditional approaches.

    The partnership between ProMedDx and our global investigator network shares a similar vision and commitment. We currently collaborate with more than 100 medical centers, public health clinics, surgical centers, reference laboratories, private practice physicians, and blood centers in an effort to accelerate the identification and development of new targeted therapies.

    ProMedDx utilizes our proven platform of training, strategizing, sample logistics, and budgeting to ensure the successful participation of all of our partnering organizations. If you are interested in becoming a ProMedDx partner, please contact us.

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    "ProMedDx’s team support and Biorepository has allowed us to quickly troubleshoot, identify, and respond to client observed performance of our testing systems.”

    - Senior Quality Project Engineer, European-based global provider of Diagnostic Assays